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Mr. Consistent's Staff Picks

Mr. Consistent's Staff Picks

Isn’t it the best when you come across a brand whose staff love the product as much as the customers do? That’s when I like to say “Sh*t that’s Fresh!” Here at Mr. Consistent, this is what we’re all about. I’d like to introduce you to a few of my team members and their favourite mixers!

Brooke Customer Happiness Manager 

Favourite Mixer Sangria

"The most underrated Mr. Consistent Mixer! It’s fresh, fruity and fun!"


Dean Brand & Sales Manager

Favourite Mixer Margarita

"Only the good times follow when you’re drinking Margaritas!"

 Chelsea Accounts Manager 

Favourite Mixer Cosmo

"There is something about a cranberry flavoured cocktail in the afternoon sun.."


 Sam Gold Coast Brand Ambassador 

Favourite Mixer Stitch Up

"This delicious little number can’t be beaten, bringing summer vibes year round. Whether you want a classic with white rum, spice things up with some sailor jerry, or get a little troppo with Malibu, The Stitch Up will never disappoint! The shakka's are endless with this bad boy."


 Julia Event Manager 

Favourite Mixer El Peachy

"I love the El Peachy! It’s a really unique flavour. It’s sour, spicy and is perfect to drink any time of day!"


Jed Production Manager

Favourite Mixer Mulled Wine

"This is one of our more complicated cocktails, from a production standpoint and more importantly in flavours. Mulled to me is one of those drinks that really can make you travel the world or take you back in time through a memory or experience. It is also the perfect way to warm up your night through winter!"

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