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Frozen Coconut Margarita Recipe

Frozen Coconut Margarita Recipe

Your new summer drink sorted! Feel as though you're in a tropical paradise enjoying the most divine cocktail with this Frozen Coconut Margarita, served in a fresh coconut. Sounds quite like the dream, doesn't it?

Recipe serves 1. Double quantities as required.

To get started, here's what you will need:

  • Mr. Consistent Coconut Margarita Mix
  • Tequila (or water for a mocktail)
  • Ice, lots of it!
  • Fresh Coconut
  • Blender

How to create:

  • In the blender, pour 75mls Coconut Margarita Mix
  • Add 45mls Tequila (for a mocktail, replace Tequila with 45mls of water, coconut water, or a non-alcoholic spirit)
  • Add a big handful of ice
  • Blend until ice is crushed and smooth
  • Serve in your fresh coconut
  • Garnish as you like, we went with a party umbrella and slice of fresh lime!

Sit back, relax, and pretend you're in you're in the tropical paradise you constantly dream of!

Enjoy! Share your Frozen Coconut Margarita with us by tagging @mr.consistent_

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