Perfect Date Night Gift Pack

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You're searching for the perfect gift to exceed all expectations for Date Night - and this is what you need!

We have curated a selection of our best selling cocktail mixers, plus some accessories that will be received with open arms!


The Date Night Gift Pack includes:

- 2 x Mr. Consistent Cocktail Mixers of your choice - our best sellers are Margarita and Waterboy, if you need a suggestion!

- 1 x Dried Australian Lime Garnish - to make your cocktails look extra fancy!

- 1 x Mr. Consistent Custom Candle - to help you set the mood with the ultimate scent!

- 1 x Gift Box to ensure that your gifting always looks top notch - glad we could help!


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Cocktail Option 1
Cocktail Option 2
Margi's, Martini's and everything in between
Margi's, Martini's and everything in between
Margi's, Martini's and everything in between

We love ugly fruit

We take the fruit the supermarkets think is too ugly - and we make it into damn good cocktails.

We went on the hunt to get the best tasting fruit to make our cocktail mixers - and wound up in Mundubbera, Far North Queensland.

QLD Produced

Farm to Bottle Cocktails

Our fruit comes right from the farm; where it is juiced on site, and then transported to us! Our citrus fruits are juiced internally, with no external rind juice, meaning we don't get the harsh citrus taste from the rind - and make the tastiest cocktails from these fruits!


Seasons matter to us

We work with our farms directly to ensure we are producing seasonally relevant products. We always focus on getting the best tasting fruit in the relevant time of year - so you can always have the best tasting cocktails!