Frequently Asked Questions

What you might need to know about our Cocktails!

Do I need to know anything about being a bartender to make perfect cocktails at home?

Absolutely not. My mixers are all designed to add liquor, shake (or roll), and serve!

How do I make my cocktail?

Add 75mL of Mr. Consistent mixer to a shaker (cocktail or protein 🤣), add 45mL of liquor and some ice. Lid on, shake, and serve! 

How long is the shelf life on my Cocktails?

Each bottle will have a unique batch number and use by date on the bottle. All of our mixers have a minimum of 6 months shelf life from production date.

What Booze do I add to my Cocktail?

Totally depends on your preference of taste, but here is what I recommend:

  • Margarita, Coco Margarita, Chilli Margarita & Waterboy - Tequila
  • Lychee Martini, Espresso Martini, Pash Inn (Pornstar Martini), Cosmo - Vodka or Gin
  • Mango Daiquiri, Strawberry Daiquiri, Classic Lime Daiquiri - White Rum
  • Sours - Amaretto or Whisky
  • Mulled Wine - Red Wine
Can I make a Mocktail instead?

Absolutely! All our flavours are balanced in the bottle, so just replace the booze content in our recipes for water (or a Non-Alc replacement)

Are your Cocktails Gluten Free?

Yes, all except for Bloody Mary

Are any of your cocktails Vegan?

Yes, all except Bloody Mary & Mulled Wine!

Do you offer Corporate Gifting?

Yes! We have a range of Corporate Gifting options for Christmas Gifts, Staff Anniversary Gifts, Client Gifts - reach out to us directly to get a customised quote!

Do you offer returns?

Returns must be requested via email to You will be provided with further instructions upon receipt of email, including return postage address, if the return is accepted.

We do not accept returns on any glassware for hygiene reasons.

Please refer to our full returns policy page