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NEW! Mr. Consistent x 257 Collective introduce the Waterboy!

NEW! Mr. Consistent x 257 Collective introduce the Waterboy!

I never want summer to end and my newest product launch is going to be the catalyst of the ultimate backyard session.. Long live the backyard summer and welcome My latest cocktail to the mix, The Waterboy! 

The newest edition to my range features the freshest flavours of watermelon and strawberry inspired by the traditional margarita! Waterboy was curated and brought to life by the NRL’s poster boys; Kalyn Ponga, Connor Watson and Mat Croker! Enjoy the Waterboy the way it’s intended to be and long live the backyard summer! Best enjoyed in the sun, with a snag and your best mates.

As all great things take time and we needed to ensure that this collaboration needed to wow the socks off those who taste it! We had invited the faces of 257 Collective to join My product development team to create the ultimate flavour that embodies exactly who the boys are from scratch. It was important to highlight the flavours of your favourite summer nights with those special friends making the best memories imaginable. To Kalyn, Connor and Mat, that memory tastes like a juicy watermelon and sweet strawberry giving you a warm cuddle!

After carefully concocting the ultimate summer cocktail, Kalyn, Connor and Mat were more than ecstatic with the end result and thus The Waterboy was born! The Waterboy is meant for those backyard summer sessions and to be enjoyed with your best mates! It's fun, fruity and pairs best with tequila or any white spirit! 



1:  Create

  • Add 75ml of Mr. Consistent Waterboy
  • Add 45ml of Tequila of choice 
  • HOT TIP: Rim your glass with the Mr. Consistent Watermelon Sugar for some extra sweetness!


2: Shake 

  • Add ice and shake vigorously


3: Serve

  • Strain into cocktail a tumbler glass
  • Garnish with Mr. Consistent Dried Limes
  • Enjoy!


Wanting to try the Waterboy but don't know where to start? I got you! I've put together a few packs for the ultimate Waterboy experience. Shop now!  

No backyard session is complete without a banger of a playlist to go with it. Make sure you have My Waterboy playlist blasting that too features some of Kalyn, Connor and Mats favourite summer tunes! 

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