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Sours Recipe - EASTER Edition!

Sours Recipe - EASTER Edition!

As we head into the Easter long weekend, why not shake things up with this dessert style cocktail, made by yours truly! By adding whipped cream and shaved chocolate to the already amazing Sours recipe, I've created an Easter treat that doubles as a creamy chocolate splice! 

What you’ll need:

Shake it up:

1 / Create

  • Pour 75mL of Mr. Consistent Sours Mixer
  • Add 45mL of Amaretto

2 / Shake

  • Add ice
  • Shake vigorously

3 / Serve

  • Pour into your favourite tumbler glass 
  • Garnish with whipped cream, grated chocolate, edible floral botanicals and a dried orange

So enjoy shakin' up your homemade delights this Easter!


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