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New Cocktail Mixer | FRENCH MARTIN! 🍸🍍🍇

New Cocktail Mixer | FRENCH MARTIN! 🍸🍍🍇


The newest Mr. Consistent Cocktail mixer, FRENCH MARTINI just landed! 🔥

An amazing blend of Pineapple & Raspberry, best paired with your favourite vodka🍸 This boozy drink is the perfect balance of sweet and tart. 

 We’ll be sippin’ and shakin’ Martinis this season ☀️ Full of high vibes, good times and authentic moments! 💥

 How to make the perfect FRENCH MARTINI👇🏼

🍸 1/ Pour

  • Pour 75ml of Mr. Consistent French Martini Mixer into a shaker
  • Add 45ml of your favourite Vodka or Gin for a botanical twist!
  • For a great mocktail swap vodka for water!

🍸2/ Shake

  • Add ice
  • Shake vigorously

🍸3/ Serve

  • Strain into your favourite glass
  • Garnish with dried pineapple


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