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Must Have: Bar Cart Essentials

Must Have: Bar Cart Essentials

Every great at home entertainer knows that ambience and styling are two of the key components in throwing any great gathering; aside from the cocktails and refreshments that is. 
I am going to give you a guide on how to be the hostess with the mostest with the best of the best! You are going to need to kit up your bar cart in style with the must have glassware, garnishes and of course, cocktail mixers! 
My Bar Cart Essentials Include: 
Mr. Consistent Cocktail Mixers 
Dried Cocktail Florals 
Dried Fruit Garnish 
Variety of Glassware 
Cocktail Shakers
Choice of Spirits 
Think of your bar cart not only as a vessel for your beloved spirits and mixers to be stowed upon, but as a work of art that makes a statement!
All of which is needed to create the best cocktails should be included with a side seasonal florals or bowl of fresh fruit. Let's get started on styling your perfect Mr. Consistent Bar Cart. First things first..
Cocktail Mixers: 
Choosing the right cocktails to serve at an event can sometimes be tricky when tying to cater to a diverse crowd. So, start with the favourites! Margarita, Cosmo, Sours and Espresso Martini are the most versatile of my range as they can be mixed with a number of spirits and have your guests asking for another round!
Try My Essentials Pack that includes all four mixer and looks great on the shelf!
Dried Cocktail Florals & Dried Fruit Garnish:
When creating great cocktails, the garnish on top is just as important as whats in the glass! My dried florals and dried fruit are the perfect finish to any cocktail and add colour and pizazz to your bar cart! 
You can find all of my garnishes and sugar / salt rims here
You can style your bar cart with anything from crystal stemware to red solo cups. My recommendation would be to have a variety of 6 glasses ranging from coupes, tumblers and wine glasses. Good think My range of glasses come in all funky shapes and sizes for your cocktail enjoyment!
Shop the range here
Don't forget to tag me in all of your cocktail creations on Instagram
Happy Shaking! 
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