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How to make Mr. Consistent Cocktails?

How to make Mr. Consistent Cocktails?

Pull up a chair, take a seat - and let's go through some of our most asked questions!

How to make Mr. Consistent Cocktails?

We've put all the hard work into creating our cocktail mixers, so that you can make a cocktail in seconds! 

  • Add ice to a cocktail shaker
  • Pour 75ml of Mr. Consistent cocktail mixer into the shaker
  • Add 45ml of desired spirit, non-alc replacement or water
  • Shake vigorously, and serve!

It really is that simple - no need for tonnes of ingredients and mess! All of our recipes are created in-house, by our talented team of ex-bar staff - so you can know you are always getting a bar standard cocktail from Mr. Consistent.

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