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Hot Honey Watermelon Margarita - WOW!

Hot Honey Watermelon Margarita - WOW!

OK, you all went nuts for this recipe when we shared it on socials, and now it's here for you to enjoy!

A spin on the viral recipe created by Wishbone Kitchen recently, this is a true treat for your tastebuds - let us know if you try it.



You'll need: 

  • Mr. Consistent Waterboy Cocktail Mixer
  • 1-2 Jalapenos
  • Your choice of Hot Honey
  • Tajin Salt for rim garnish

To make:

  • Add your Mr. Consistent Waterboy mixer to a shaker with ice, along with your desired tequila
  • Squeeze in 1 teaspoon of Hot Honey (adjust, depending on how spicy your honey is)
  • Rim your cocktail glass halfway around with Tajin salt
  • Shake your cocktail really well, until the outside of the shaker is frosty
  • Strain into your cocktail glass, and enjoy!


  • Optional for extra spice, muddle in some sliced jalapeno to the bottom of your shaker at the start!
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