Well, here we are! The one we have all been waiting for! Today marks the launch of my newest edition to my mixers and I would have to say, this might be my new favourite.. I would like to introduce to you, My Espresso Martini! My team has been working tirelessly to bring the best version of this product to life and I am beyond thrilled that it is finally time to share it with you all! 

The Espresso Martini stands for everything classy, indulgent and elegant and will send your taste buds to Espresso heaven! This mix truly brings the vibe and can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime! Whether it be getting ready for a boujie night out, a nightcap treat or even shake it up for your morning cuppa! Whichever way you prefer, I know you’re going to love this one!


Here it is, the full campaign video! If this doesn't send you straight into party mode, I don't know what will!  



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