Hola! Back again for date night tips with Mr. C? I’m a bit of a date night guru if I do say Myself and now that I know we're into themed evenings, I have something muy caliente for you! As always, a perfect date night consists of great eats, activities and tasty treats (of the drinkable variety). Let’s pay homage to the culture that gave us the nectar of the gods, My best seller; The Margarita! So without further ado I would like to introduce to you ‘Date night With Mr. C - Once Upon A Time In Mexico’ edition! 



Starter: Elote - Aka Mexican style street corn! Follow this simple recipe to get your tasty evening started. 

Main: Ultimate Chilli Nachos - Next up, we have got the ultimate, extreme, flavour packed chilli nachos! This dish goes great with any variation you choose whether it be vegetarian, beef, pork or chicken! P.S don’t skimp out on the guac.. 

Dessert: Flan Ice Cream - It wouldn’t be date night without dessert! Sink your sweet tooth into this Mexican inspired treat! 


It wouldn’t be a date night with Mr. C if there wasn’t an on theme activity to go along with it! This Mexican inspired ‘bingo’ card game is what you need to get the party started and Millennial Loteria will do just that! Lotoria stands for Bingo in Spanish and not only is this game a great addition to Date Night, but the cards are also stunning and would make a great coffee table piece. Make sure you also stay on theme and enjoy your Loteria and Mexican street eats on one of these traditional Serapes from my favourite homewares Milk & Moss


The final piece that ties the entire date night together would most obviously be the tasty treats served in the form of a Coconut Chilli Margarita! Purchase my Date Night Pack, a bottle of Los Sundays Coconut Tequila and lets spend one night in Mexico! Don't forget to tag your creations here

 My Date Night Pack! This pack includes:

- 2x Cocktail Mixers of your choice (obvi marg) 

- 2x Fancy AF Tumbler Glasses 

- 1x Cocktail Florals - Bartender Blends 



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