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All great cocktails have an even greater origin story that helped bring the flavours of your favourite drinks to life! To celebrate My Cocktails and their origin, I have put together the ultimate packs inclusive of each ingredient needed to create your perfect cocktail. 


1: Margarita

Origin: Mexico 

Let My Fiesta Margarita Pack take you on the Mexican holiday you have been craving! I have included all the ingredients to make yourself the perfect spicy margarita that will make you feel like you are truly indulging in a Mexican fiesta! I have included Agave nectar as it is one of the key ingredients to a traditional margarita. Agave is a natural sweetener used in Mexico and is what is used in making tequila. Agave has already been added to the Mr. Consistent Margarita mix, so no need to add to your cocktail! Instead, rim your glass with the sweet agave nectar and roll through the Tajin to add a bit of traditional spice to be used as a rim. With Mexico being the origin of the Margarita, I have included all the necessary ingredients to create the ultimate Mexican style margi!
Shop My Fiesta Margarita Pack here
2: Cosmo 
Origin: New York City 
This one goes out to all the Carrie Bradshaws of the world! The Cosmo was made in Manhattan and perfected by Me! My Cosmo State of Mind pack includes all the ingredients to create your perfect Cosmo with a side of New York style street food. The Cosmo has had its fair share of screen time on HBO’s hit series; Sex and the City. In order to have the full SATC experience, I have made sure to include the ultimate combo paying tribute to the famous ‘I’ll get a cheeseburger, large fries and a cosmopolitan’ scene. And just like that, you’re living out your true SATC moment!
Shop My Cosmo State of Mind pack here!
3: Sours
Origin: Canada 
Say hello to my True Northern Sour pack that includes all you need to create a true Canadian born sours with all the authentic ingredients. The Sours cocktail was originally created in the 1960’s in Canada and is still enjoyed in many variations to this day! Over the years mixologists have added a number of flavours to the mix, including maraschino cherries when creating an Amaretto Sour. I have included maraschino cherries and aromatic bitters as a garnish for your Canadian Sours cocktail! The great thing about a sour cocktail is it can be sweet, spicy, smokey or sharp. My preference? Smother your tumbler rim with the maple sugar delight and mix with a Canadian whiskey to balance the sweetness of the maple with the smokey sharp spirit!
Shop My True Northern Sours pack here!
4: Espresso Martini 
Origin: London 
Indulge in the Espresso martini and envision yourself in the crux of where this glorious cocktail was born! It is said that Kate Moss had requested a drink in a dive bar in London that will ‘wake her up and…’ Indulge in an espresso martini as you wake up your senses with a little self care in true London fashion! I have included a delicious coffee scrub and sleepy eye mask to accompany your pampering cocktail. Don’t forget to channel your inner Kate Moss and be the boujie London socialite while sipping on your velvety smooth Espresso Martini with the Big Ben Espresso Pack.
Shop My Big Ben Espresso pack here!
5: Stitch Up 
Origin: Gold Coast, Aus
The Stitch Up Mix was born here in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast of Australia. A day at the beach, the warm sun and surrounded by friends and family is the perfect way to spend a day on the sunny Gold Coast. The Surfs Up Pack includes all the ingredients necessary for the most superb day at the beach including your very own Mr. Consistent bucket hat, beach ball and puka shells for vibes! The only thing that makes the summer vibe even better is to shake up a Stitch Up cocktail.. Bring along My Surfs Up Pack when the plans include that taste and feel of your favourite summer memory, for you to enjoy all the time!
Shop My Surfs Up pack here
6: Waterboy 
Origin: Sydney Australia

The Waterboy cocktail was created in Sydney Australia to encapsulate the feeling of the true blue Aussie summer. The vision was to create the summer feeling with the freshest watermelon and strawberry flavours, and we nailed it! The Backyard Summer Pack includes all you need to experience a true Aussie summer and capture the memories through all the senses. Long live the backyard summer where each moment should be spent laughing, singing, dancing and sippin’ on The Waterboy. Spend some time in the sun with your best mates and a snag in hand while you wash it down with your favourite Watermelon & Strawberry Margi! 

Shop My Backyard Summer pack here

7: Sangria 

Origin: Spain


Dance the night away with My Spanish Siesta pack in the streets where Sangria was born and the culture is flowing, the air is balmy and at every corner there are people laughing and enjoying a variation of Spanish Tapas. Spain is where the fruity concoction known as Sangria was born and is the perfect balance of fresh fruit and spicy herbs. Traditionally drunk on the streets of Spain, served in pitchers, filled to the brim with fresh fruit and herbs and shared with friends and family. The Spanish Siesta Pack includes Dried Dragon Fruit, Cinnamon Quills and Star Anise to be included in your sangria concoction. Mix thoroughly with your ladle as the garnishes continue to add flavour and can be enjoyed by your guests at your next Spanish style gathering! Pair this delight with your favourite red wine and dance the night away!

Shop My Spanish Siesta pack here


8: Bloody Mary

Origin: Paris, France 

This amazing cocktail celebrated its 100th Birthday just last year! The Bloody Mary was introduced in 1921 at Harry’s Bar in Paris, France. My Bloody Perfection pack takes you on a trip to Paris to experience how the Bloody Mary is traditionally enjoyed. The Bloody Perfection Pack includes the items needed to have a true Parisian bloody Mary experience, including custom stir sticks for mixing in your lux tall tumbler glasses! The Bloody Mary is known for its spicy yet tangy flavour and over-the-top garnishes; Leave it to the French to create the most beautiful arts and cocktails. 

Shop My Bloody Perfection pack here!


9: Mojito

Origin: Cuba 

 The Mojito is a cocktail originating from Cuba that is equally refreshing as it is citrusy-sweet! A tropical Cuban dream can become a reality with My Havana Nights Pack. Picture jazz bands playing, locals dancing in the streets and the calm ocean in view! All that’s missing is an ice cold Mr. Consistent Mojito with refreshing mint, sweet citrus and Cubans best rum! I have included an all-in-one Mint Growing kit to ensure you have fresh Mint to serve your mojito with each and every time. Once you add the Cuban inspired cocktail and your island oasis is complete!

Shop My Havana Nights pack here!

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