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12 Days of Christmas Cocktails: Trifle Martini🍓🎂

12 Days of Christmas Cocktails: Trifle Martini🍓🎂

This Trifle Martini will give your trifle a run for its money! For Christmas Eve I have a sophisticated and decadent dessert cocktail!🍓🎂

Grab a Pash Inn (Pornstar Martini) Mixer and get your taste buds prepared for a burst of cocktail goodness!

This utterly delicious Trifle Martini. The get-ahead drink for your evening. Enjoy! 🎅

 What you need:


  • Mr. Consistent Pash Inn Mixer
  • Elderflower liqueur
  • Vodka
  • Brandy
  • Custard
  • Raspberry Jelly
  • Jam Scroll
  • Ice



Make your Raspberry Jelly Vodka 

  • Combine 1 x packet Raspberry Aeroplane Jelly crystals with 450mL vodka and stir till dissolved. 



Phase one:

  • 30ml Elderflower liqueur
  • 30ml Custard

Dry Shake (no ice) and pour into a coupette

Phase two:

  • 30ml Raspberry Jelly Vodka
  • 30ml Mr. Consistent Pash Inn Mixer

Shake and double strain (float) over Elderflower Custard

2/ Serve

  • Garnish with slice of Jam Scroll 
  • Finished with a 1/2 tsp Brandy float 
  • Enjoy!

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