Here, you will find all of my most asked questions. It's a safe space. We won't tell your friends. 

Q. Do you offer returns for your products? 
A. Unfortunately as our Cocktail mixers are a food product, we are unable to offer any returns or exchanges if you change your mind! The same goes for our glassware, due to its fragile nature! 
Q. Do I need to know anything about being a bartender to make perfect cocktails at home?
A. Absolutely not. My mixers are all designed to add liquor, shake (or roll), and serve!
Q. How do I make my cocktail?
A. Add 75mL of Mr. Consistent mixer to a shaker (cocktail or protein 🤣), add 45mL of liquor and some ice. Lid on, shake, and serve! 
Sangria is slightly different, as it needs red wine and soda water added. 75mL of mixer, 75mL of red wine and 90mL of soda water and mix (don't shake!).
You can also make me look even more *stunning* by adding dried fruits or flowers as a garnish.

Q. How long does the mixer last for or what is the expiry date?
A. Ahh, the most asked question. My product is made from fresh juices; which means that I don't last forever. My expiry date starts from the day that the mix is made, not the day it is sent or received. I aim to ship all mixers within 1 week of them being produced, so you'll always receive the freshest possible bottle!
MARGARITA - 6 months from production
COSMO - 6 months from production
SOURS - 6 months from production
BLOODY MARY - 8 months from production
SANGRIA - 7 month from production
STITCH UP - 3 month from production
EL PEACHY - 3 month from production
MULLED WINE - 5 month from production
ESPRESSO MARTINI - 3 month from production

Q. What alcohol do I add?
A. Totally depends on your preference of taste, but here is what I recommend:
COSMO - Vodka or Gin (Gin makes it slightly more dry)
SOURS - Amaretto for a sweeter taste, or Whisky or Spiced Rum for a more dry taste.
BLOODY MARY - Vodka (you can use Gin here too, if you like)
SANGRIA - Red Wine (top it up with 10mL of your fave spirit to make it more boozy!)
STITCH UP - White Rum or your favourite white spirit (Vodka, Gin, Coconut Tequila)
EL PEACHY - Tequila or Gin! 
MULLED WINE - Red wine!

Q. Can I make a mocktail instead?
A. Yeah you can!!
MARGARITA - switch tequila for water (I make my own triple sec style syrup, so it's already perfectly balanced in the bottle).
COSMO - switch vodka for water (as above!)
ESPRESSO MARTINIswitch vodka for water (as above!)
BLOODY MARY switch vodka for water (as above!)
STITCH UP - switch white rum for water (as above!)
SOURS - I recommend using Orgeat Syrup
SANGRIA - Non-alcoholic red wine!
MULLED WINE Non-alcoholic red wine!

Q. Are any of your cocktails Gluten Free?
A. Yes! All of them, except for the Bloody Mary and Espresso Martini!

Q. Are any of your cocktails Vegan?
A. YAS, except for Bloody Mary and Mulled Wine!

Q. The item I want is out of stock, when will it be back?
A. I try and keep my shelves stocked, but you peeps love cocktails. We are experiencing a shortage on glassware, but most other items should be back in stock within a week of being sold out.

Q. How long will my order take to get to me?
A. Did you pay for express shipping? We ship all orders within 3-5 business days, plus freight time of approximately 2-3 business days.
Parcel Post is a bit cheaper, and takes a bit longer - about 7 business days to arrive to you.

Q. Why do I have to pay for shipping?
A. I know, what a drag. Unfortunately, we are still a small business, and shipping cocktail mixers isn't light...
As soon as I get a cheaper rate, I bring your rates down too. 
Keep shopping, and one day I might be able to offer free shipping!

Q. Do you deliver locally to Northern NSW?
A. Not at the moment. 
I ship Northern NSW orders with Fastway, which usually arrives the next day after I send it!

Q. Can I add a note to a gift card?
A. For sure! Just let me know in the notes.

Q. Can I buy the gift boxes on their own?
A. If I have the stock, then no worries! This one does have to be done manually, so either chat to me on the site, or email me at thereal@mrconsistent.com.au.
Q. Do you do Corporate Gifting?
A. YAS! Email me at thereal@mrconsistent.com.au for pricing.
Q. I have a discount code - where do I enter it?
A. On the checkout page, there is a box for the code. If you are on mobile, you need to expand the drop down arrow near 'Show Order Summary' at the top of the page.
Q. Is Mr. Consistent single?
A. Mr. Consistent is an international man of mystery. You'll never know.

Q. How will I be charged for the Cocktail Club?
A. If you sign up to the 1 Month Subscriber Exclusive Box, payment will automatically be charged every 30 days.  If you sign up to the 3 Month Subscriber Exclusive Box, payment will automatically be charged every 90 days,  and you will receive a Cocktail Club box every month for 3 months.
Q. Can I choose my own Cocktail Mixers for the Cocktail Club?
A. When you first join the Cocktail Club you will have the option to choose 1 x Cocktail Mixer of your choice. You will receive your chosen Mixer every month, along with 2 x other  Cocktail Mixers to suit your flavour palette to create unique recipes provided by Me.
Q. How do you choose what Cocktail Mixers I will receive in my Cocktail Club box?
A. Our Head of Product with over 15 years bartender experience is busy shaking up new and unique recipes. With the core of each recipe using one of My Cocktail Mixers as selected to suit your flavour palate, Mikey creates 2 new Sweet, Spicy and Tangy recipes every month to include in your box. This will be a surprise each month, because who doesn't love surprises!
Q. Is alcohol included in the Cocktail Club boxes?
A. Alcohol is not included in the Cocktail Club boxes, you will need to purchase this separately. This also gives you the option to be flexible in which spirits you like best!

Still have questions?

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