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Connect with Friends Pack

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This is your perfect night in pack, to share some drinks and share some thoughts! Choose 2 x Mixers and garnish - and you have your perfect pack.

Options available are:
- Margarita Mixer
- Sours Mixer
- Cosmo Mixer
Please note - you must select 2 x Mixers for the discounted price. The cards are automatically added!
*Glassware is not included.
The Everyday Connections pack has just launched!

Connecting with Friends is all about being vulnerable and honest with the people around you, whether it be your partner, friends or family. It is about taking the time to really connect beyond the surface and understand each other. Through asking each other some hard questions, we are able to understand our unique journeys, needs and worried so that we can better support each other through life! 
Let this deck strengthen your relationships and feel more connected to the people around you. 
This deck contains 52 cards with different questions or activities to do! Make sure you take the time to really think about your responses and give an honest, open and full answer so that you can really unleash the full potential of the cards. Ask follow up questions, let this be a guide to your journey of feeling more connected.

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