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Did someone say new cocktail recipes? Welcome to My Cocktail Club! This is a service I've put together that delivers My hand crafted premium cocktail recipes tailored to your exact tasting palate right to your doorstep.
I wanted this to create a sense of community shared with fellow cocktail lovers so they can enjoy boutique style cocktails in the comfort of your own home! Sounds great right? 

For those of you who have yet to jump on board, here is a sneak peak at one of the recipes My cocktail club subscription has to offer! First recipe on the docket..

Jasmine Tea & Cucumber Sours by Mr. Consistent


  • 1x Mr. Consistent Margarita Mix
  • 2x Cucumber
  • 14x Jasmine Tea
  • 1x Cup of Sugar
  • Ice


  • 1x Gin 500ml
  • 1x Zip lock bag
  • 1x Mason Jar
  • 1x Bartender Essentials Kit
  • 1x Fine Strainer
  • 1x Measuring Jug



1: Cucumber Syrup

  • Finely dice cucumber.
  •  Add cucumber and sugar into zip lock bag.
  • Kneed through the bag to combine ingredients.
  • Allow sugar to draw moisture from cucumber (up to 4 hours).
  •  Strain remaining cucumber from syrup and decant into bottle.


2: Jasmine Green Tea Infused Gin

  • Add loose tea from 14 tea bags into mason jar and combine with 500ml gin.
  • Allow to steep up to 30 mins before straining remaining tea from gin.
  • Decant into bottle for use.


3: Serve

  • Pour 75ml Mr. Consistent Margarita Mix into cocktail shaker.
  • Add 45ml Jasmine Green Tea Infused Gin.
  •  Add 15ml cucumber syrup.
  • Add ice and shake vigourously.
  • Double strain into cocktail glass and garnish with dried lime.

My Cocktail Club will give you the ability to try a new cocktail recipe with all the necessities delivered straight to your door. Create your quality, handcrafted concoctions in the comfort of your own home to simulate that bespoke cocktail bar experience. You will receive your monthly box that will include everything you need and all you have to do is choose your flavour palate! Sweet, Tangy, Spicy.. Whichever flavour profile suits you, I can promise this Cocktail Club will trump any club you have ever joined!
Try My 1 month Cocktail Club Subscription here!
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