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Welcome the Season of the Cancer Zodiac Pack!

Welcome the Season of the Cancer Zodiac Pack!

June 21st to July 22nd officially marks the season of the first water sign of the year, the Cancer! The  Cancer Sign is the hopeless romantic within the zodiacs; Kind natured, free spirited and always caring for those around them. I have carefully curated a personalised cocktail recipe for all of the zodiacs that have been concocted to suit their personality. 


Element: Water

Symbol: The Crab 

Celebrity Zodiac: Ariana Grande + Post Malone

Traits: Intuitive, Sensitive, Loyal

Cocktail: Red Wine Sangria Spritz

 The perfect cocktail for a Cancer is the Sangria Spritz as it is a romantic cocktail intended to be shared with loved ones.Give the gift of great cocktails to the Water Signs in your life with the Cancer Zodiac Season Pack.  This pack has been curated with all of the Cancer characteristics in mind so they may indulge in the cocktails they love and enjoy. 
Shop My Zodiac Cancer Season Pack here
Pack includes: 

1x Mr. Consistent Sangria Spritz 4 pack 

1x Mr. Consistent Dried Mandarin 

1x Mr. Consistent Cinnamon Quills 

1x Mr. Consistent Gold Le Bebe Shaker 

1x Mr. Consistent Peach Candle 

Watch My full how to recipe in creating your Red Wine Sangria Spritz on My Youtube channel below! 


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