The Mr.Consistent Chilli Margarita

Things you'll need

1 x Bottle of Mr.Consistent Margarita Mix

1 x Tastology Chilli Salt / Chilli Sugar

1-2 x Chilli's depending on your spice tolerance

1 x Cocktail Shaker + Ice



Crack your Chosen salt / sugar onto a plate, rub your rim with lime or some Mr.Consistent Margarita Mix then roll through the cracked salt and chilli mix.

Step Two - Make Your Cocktail

Slice chillies 2-5mm thickness, add to cocktail shaker and muddle. (Depending on your spice tolerance add more or less) If you like it spicy add some seeds. Followed by 75mls of Mr.Consistent Margarita Mix, 45ml of Tequila and Ice.

Step Three - Shake and Serve

Give it a good shake, pop the top off and strain out into rimmed glass. Garnish with slice of chilli or Mary Valley Lime