Haven't you heard? Summer just got a whole lot fresher! 

When I think of Summer, I think of warm balmy afternoons spent by the water, playing games and making memories with my nearest and dearest. With the return of the live music and festival season, the only thing to perfect these moments is an iced cold beverage! Finally the time has come where I can share with you the exciting new product I have had up my sleeve.

I introduce to you Mr. Consistent's Spritz Range! 

My Spritz Range consists of three different canned flavours. The Mojito, Margi Spritz and Sangria! All packed with the freshest ingredients and to be enjoyed over a tall glass of ice. All you need to do is add your booze of choice and relish in the flavours of summer! As all of my mixers come booze free, the spritz range too can be enjoyed as a mocktail! 




Best paired with White Rum


Best paired with Tequila or Mezcal


Best paired with Red Wine or Rose 

The Spritz Range is meant to be enjoyed across many diverse occasions from  live music festivals, sporting events to the typical Australian summer moment. In celebration of my new product launch, we decided to throw a soiree including live DJ's, food trucks, great friends and impeccable vibes! Let's hear it for the best Summer yet with Mr. Consistent, Cheers! 

If you're looking to keep the vibes high over the freshest summer yet, be sure to throw on my Poolside Summer Spotify playlist! 


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