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RECIPE: 🍒 Fresh Cherry Sour 🍒 Cocktail

RECIPE: 🍒 Fresh Cherry Sour 🍒 Cocktail

Are you a Sours lover, looking for new ways to shake up your favourite cocktail?! Well, we have the perfect recipe for you, utilising some of our favourite seasonal fruits - cherries!

This recipe is a super simple way to boujie up your cocktails, and will have all your friends impressed with the results.

Our Cherry Sour cocktail recipe is a little more on the tart side, thanks to the rich Cherry flavour that shines through. 


To make a Mr. Consistent Cherry Sour, you will need Mr. Consistent Sours Mixer, Amaretto and some fresh cherries! Optional - you could use tinned cherries to enjoy this cocktail all year around, when cherries aren't in season.

Step 1 - Chop up 3-5 cherries, depending on your desired flavour (the more cherries you use, the deeper the colour and taste will be)

Step 2 - Muddle the cherries in the bottom of your shaker

Step 3 - Add ice to you shaker

Step 4 - Pour 75ml of Mr. Consistent Sours Cocktail Mixer into your shaker

Step 5 - Pour 45ml of Amaretto into your shaker 
If you would prefer a Non-Alcoholic option, you can use a Non-Alc spirit or Orgeat Syrup in replacement of the Amaretto

Step 6 - Shake extremely well to build the frothy head on the cocktail

Step 7 - Ensure you double strain your cocktail when pouring into the glass, to filter any Cherry pulp

Step 8 - ENJOY!




Tried this recipe out? Let us know how you went, by tagging us on social media - @Mr.Consistent_


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