How to make a Sours Mocktail!

Have you found yourself wanting a sours type drink, sans alcohol? And for the pregnant ladies sans raw egg, well keep reading, so we can show you how to use our Mr Consistent Sours mix, to make yourself a fancy & fabulous mocktail - all in the comfort of your own home!

Mr Consistent Sours Mix

To get started, you will need to secure the below:

- Mr Consistent Sours Mix (Vegan Friendly)
- Almond extract (Optional)
- Filtered Water (preferred, tap will also be fine)
- Ice
- Optional Maraschino Cherry
- Cocktail shaker equipment

In a cocktail shaker, measure out the following:

- 75mL of Mr Consistent Sours Mix
- 45mL of Filtered Water
- Small dash of almond extract
- Cup of Ice

The best thing about our sours mix, is that we have perfected the hard part of the recipe; so all you need to do is ~SHAKE~
Shake the ingredients together vigorously until the mixture is foamy!
Strain in to your favourite glass, and garnish with the optional Maraschino cherry - et voila; you have a fancy mocktail - with three steps!

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